• Miracle Bamboo Salt 9 baked 150g

    Miracle Bamboo Salt (Does NOT contain sulfide)

    Bamboo salt with special efficacy in health maintenance has been the Korean’s favorite seasoning ingredient.  

    Miracle Bamboo Salt is made by inserting natural sea salt acquired from the westcoastal of Korea into three-year-old raw bamboos, which will be put in loesskiln and baked in high temperature with pine tree fire wood. As a result, itintegrates the medical efficacy of bamboo, loess, turpentine and other natural materials that bring great results to wellness.

    Korean women are usually having good skin texture; this is mainly contributed by theirdaily consumption of bamboo salt and its related products. Ingesting bamboosalt can help bowel cleansing and digestive disorder. Bamboo salt can be an anti-inflammatoryand anti-toxic agent when applied externally. Besides, it also effective forslimming, reducing body fat and improving our body’s pH level.

    竹盐为韓国人民喜爱的调味料,因为它具有特殊保健效用: 将产自韩国西海岸的天然盐灌进三年生竹筒内,放入黄土做成的窑中,用松木做燃料煅烧,融合了竹子、黄土、松脂等多种天然材质的药性,所以有很好的保健效果。 韩国女人皮肤都很好,主要是她们在生活中使用竹盐和相关的产品,内服可以清肠,帮助消化,外用还能消炎排毒,瘦身减脂,改善酸性体质。

    竹盐按摩防水肿 :


    竹盐解决便秘,宿便毒素 :

    把沉积肠内多年的宿便、固便等制造毒素的垃圾一并清出肠外。 促进自癒能力: 竹盐能对人体起平衡作用,并通过这种平衡和调节达到人体的自愈和康复。 竹盐是抗氧化、清除自由基、还原力的食品: 它能释放大量的电子,阻断自由基及时修补被自由基损害的细胞,从而达到抗氧化、抗衰老的目的。

    早盐晚蜜养生 :

    每天早上空腹喝一杯加了1小勺竹盐的纯净水能促进肠蠕动,竹盐具有很好解毒排毒功能的原因是它的提炼技术。 每天晚上喝一杯野山蜂蜜水,能健身养颜。 竹盐是高级调味料: 毎天煮食及饮料加竹盐,可口又养生。

    硫化物的危害 :



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