• CHEN JIAH JUANG Organic Mulberry Vinegar 桑葚醋(无糖)

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      有機桑椹醋(無加糖) [純釀]
      Organic Mulberry Vinegar (No Sugar Added)

      Ingredients: 100% Organic Mulberries

      No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other vinegar or chemical additives are added into this product.

      Volume: 600ml
      Product of Taiwan

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    This product has no vinegar added into it, it is produced using only mulberries.

    Chen Jiah Juang’s Mulberry Vinegar is fermented and naturally brewed using only mulberries which are grown on their own farm. The mulberries are placed statically in large pottery urns and matured for more than one year.

    To use it as a beverage, simply dilute it with 5 – 7 times of water. It can also be used as a dip for foods or as a base vinegar for making infused vinegars.

    As this product is made from natural ingredients, sediments tend to occur and the vinegar’s
    color will darken naturally.


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